77mm Spotting Scopes

It's the big objective lens-indeed, the "eye" of the Kowa Spotting Scope that sets it apart from the competition. For birders and hunters alike, these are the scopes that re-define clarity, because-among their other impressive features-they boast a large 77mm objective lens crafted of ultra high grade optical glass.

Ensuring maximum light gathering, clear visual range and sharp images that traditional glass lenses can not attain in the field.

The magnesium alloy body makes the scopes rugged, compact, easy to carry and handle, making them an ideal companion in the great outdoors. The waterproof housing meets the rigorous standards of JIS Protection Class 7; they are also charged with dry nitrogen gas to prevent fogging.

Utilizes Kowa's new innovative inner focus system to decrease image movement when focusing on objects-even single handed.


Kowa TSN-773 Angled Body 77mm Prominar XD Lens Spotting Scope

Kowa TSN-774 Straight Body 77mm Prominar XD Lens Spotting Scope Body