The name Carl Zeiss is synomynous with world class optics. Liberty Optics sells the Zeiss line of riflescopes like everyone else.....just for less!  

Whether you’re out in the field in heavy rain or entrenched in a bug-infested swamp waiting for the perfect opportunity to arise, the last thing that should interfere with the moment is water and dirt on your lenses. Like a lotus leaf, LotuTec® coating on the objective and ocular lenses repels water so efficiently that raindrops literally roll right off the glass. And the super smooth lens surface can be easily wiped clean without smearing or damaging the optics. As a testament to its superiority over other lens coatings, ZEISS LotuTec® was honored with the prestigious Gray’s Best award, recognized as the only optical process that allows lenses to shed water completely. So that even in the heaviest downpours your lenses will remain free

from water and dirt, and the view will be as impeccable as ever.


With LotuTec: Zeiss LotuTec® coating sheds water, dirt, grease,and grime. Lens can be easily wiped clean without smearing.


Without LotuTec: Moisture, dirt, and grease collect on the lens, covering the surface and severely impairing clear vision.